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We are Jilla, a UK-based activewear brand that believes in empowering you — and the planet. Tired of wearing leggings that hold you back? Had it with sports bras that put the ‘un’ in uncomfortable? Over fast fashion and its impact on the planet earth? We hear you. It’s why our tight-knit team of yogis and industry innovators founded Jilla in early 2017, with one goal in mind: to launch seamless and sustainable activewear ‘fits that empower all women to move. 


Yogis by name. Yogis by nature. Our female-led founders are passionate about the freedom of movement. They’re also passionate about helping women move with confidence. Which is why the majority of our leggings and sports bras, which are designed in London, use super-soft natural fibres and seamless technology to create planet-friendly activewear that fits like a second skin.  


But it’s not just downward dog or child’s pose which you can perfect in these soft and seamless styles. Whether you prefer to lunge, lounge or just live in our technically-enhanced apparel, we can help yogis to move freely, wellness warriors to power through their set and give fitness fans a helping hand when the going gets tough. This is activewear that is designed to fit your body without compromising on comfort, performance or quality. This is activewear for today and tomorrow. This is activewear for yoga and beyond.




Our Manifesto

Here at Jilla Active, we put the ‘fun’ in functional. The ‘in’ in innovative. And craft seamless and sustainable activewear for yoga and beyond. 

We are seamless 

Jilla might be a brand. But we’re also a community of passionate yogis, fitness fans and industry innovators who believe in empowering women to move seamlessly and without restriction. It’s why we use our more than 8 years of insider knowledge to pair performance-ready fabrics, that are made to last, in perfect harmony with soft and seamless tech that moves with you — not against you. So everybody and everybody can have the freedom to move confidently. Just like how it should be. 


We are planet-friendly 

We stand by the fact that fashion shouldn’t cost the earth. And thanks to our number of planet-first practices, it doesn’t have to. We take sustainability super seriously. It’s why we have a transparent production process and use natural, organic and recycled materials as and where we can to develop our activewear ranges for yoga and beyond. Because life doesn’t stop at ‘namaste’. But it doesn’t have to start at ‘waste’, either. We believe that eco-friendly activewear can come with zero restrictions and still give optimum levels of comfort. And we refuse to compromise on quality, price or performance to get there.  


We are empowering you 

As a female-led brand made up of industry movers and shakers, we want to inspire you to be your best self, while giving you a range of activewear that you can move with confidence in. How does sweat-wicking fabrics with medium control sound? Or soft-as-can-be materials that are better for the environment with less waste? Along with apparel that comes with a no-pill policy? Pretty perfect, right? Here at Jilla, no matter whether you prefer to stretch, squat or savasana, you can do so knowing your activewear has got your back (quite literally).

Words we live by 

We are creative 
We are friendly 
We are inclusive 
We empower 
We are passionate 
We are ethical 
We are ambitious 
We are diverse 
We are honest 
We are fun 
We are active 
We are confident 
We inspire 
We are innovators 
We are optimistic 
We are a community  
We are accessible 
We are effortless 
We are stylish  
We are yogis