5 apps to reach your fitness goals

Without a doubt phones have now become a part of our everyday life. Ten years ago we could only use our phone to call and text, now we can see our friends on Facetime, ask Siri to remind us of upcoming events and more recently attach our phone to our bank card.
Most of these innovations have been made possible through the invention of app’s. App’s have changed the way we use our phone as it transforms it into a ‘thinking computer’.
When it comes to fitness, app’s are constantly evolving and being invented to help us achieve our fitness goals. The app store has an entire section dedicated to fitness, so we thought we’d run through a few of our favourites for you to try out yourself.

Best For…Tracking Those Calories
One of the most popular fitness apps in the world, My Fitness pal is a super convenient way to make sure you’re actually sticking to your diet plan. The trouble with estimating how much you’re eating is that as humans we are terrible at it. We consistently underestimate our calorie intake while overestimating our activity levels. My Fitness Pal will help you work out a calorie goal and then make sure you hit it with minimal fuss. Also you don’t have to do maths, so that’s a win.

blogpost2 Best For…Runners
Log all your runs, track goals in multiple dimensions and ‘game-ify’ your fitness, while providing lots of analytics to help you beat your personal best. There is also a way you can connect with your girl friends and keep track of what they are doing as well.

Best For…Toning up.
A vast exercise database and workout generator. We like this one because the exercise demos are crisp and clear and the whole interface is very simple.

Best For…Simplicity
Some people don’t want think too much about working out, they just want to get it done. So if you just want to switch your brain off and be told what to do, this one is great. Each workout takes just seven minutes so it’s definitely aimed at those of you who are tight for time and don’t necessarily want to spend a long time exercising.

Best For…Restblogpost
Here’s a little curve ball, as it has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition, but something just as important. Sleep is where muscle is repaired so it’s incredibly important for your health. Sleep Cycle uses your phones movement sensor to track data on your sleep and wake you up at the right time in your REM cycle so that over time you fall into the right cycle and always wake up feeling rested. Obviously that’s assuming you didn’t stay out late with your girlfriends, not even modern technology can help with that.

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