November 2016

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Discover a new class – Pilates Reformer

As the year draws to a close we have started to talk about achievements in the Jilla office and what we would like to try before 2017 arrives! With that in mind we have decided to take on a new challenge and each month we will be discovering new exercise class that takes our interest. We will be reviewing the class structure, what is best to wear and where you can try out these classes for yourself. This month our designer, Olivia tried out a Pilates Reformer class at Brighton... Read More

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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

As October draws to a close, the days get shorter and we are graced with only a few precious hours of sunlight a day it’s easy to start to feel the effects of the dreaded winter blues. Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) affects up to 2 million people here in the UK. Instead of hibernating, Team Jilla have come up with some great ideas on how to combat the cold! Meditate Make sure you take time out each day to meditate or at least to relax. We know that with all of... Read More