A Beginners Guide to New Workouts to Try in 2019

Have you started 2019 super motivated to be a fitter and healthier you but are finding it hard sticking to your new gym routine already?

Maybe the gym life is not quite for you? But that’s okay, the gym is not for everyone but that does not mean you should stop your fitness regime now.

There is an endless number of other classes and workouts to choose from with no subscriptions!

From running to spin and yoga – we’ve selected a few options to choose from below…




This modern HIIT workout will get your blood pumping, your wobbly bit’s toning with heaps of fun on mini trampolines to upbeat dance music and lighting.

It is designed to make you sweat, improve your balance and work your core muscles with a 45-minute choreographed cardio routine followed with 15 minutes of toning. 

Workouts can get you burning up to 700 calories, improve weight loss 3 times quicker than floor studio workouts with minimum impact on your knee joints.

There are lots of locations and times to choose from with some classes even being child-friendly.

P.S if you do not want to be the newbie right at the front, arrive early.

Price: from £6.25 per class.

Location: Numerous. https://bouncefitbody.com



Running is an excellent way to build up your fitness levels at your own pace, with very little equipment other than a good pair of running trainers, a sturdy sports bra, some running tights and, at this time of year, a long sleeved top

The key benefits of running include increased stamina, reduced blood pressure, lowered stress levels, strengthened core and boosted self-esteem.

It is also free, with the ability to do it anywhere, at any time. Finding the motivation to do it, on the other hand, is more difficult especially during the colder months. 

Some motivational tips are running with a friend to encourage one another or joining a local ParkRun for a 5K Saturday morning run.

Don’t let the cold weather phase you and start running today, even if it’s a light jog it will soon build up.

Price: FREE

Location: ANYWHERE


Aimed to be perfect for everybody and every body with exercising in disguise, Zumba offers an amazing Latin-inspired dance workout for all abilities with a fantastic vibe.

Each class is 1 hour mixing low and high-intensity dance moves to create a workout combining all fitness elements, leaving you feeling confident and satisfied. 

For all the energetic moves we recommend you wear a Moisture-Wicking Top, paired with a Bold Coloured Sports Legging.

They offer a variety of classes identifying the level of intensity to pick from, as well as child-friendly classes.

Why not try one of these classes this week with a friend to cheer each other on?

Price: £7 per class.

Location: Numerous. https://www.zumba.com



If you are focussing on your mental wellbeing this year along with hoping to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility, a yoga class could be highly beneficial to you, focussing more so on your posture and breathing to relieve you from stress and reduce aches and pains.

There are so many types of yoga to try, from the more aerobic Ashtanga through to Vinyasa and the more gentle Yin or Restorative classes, explore a range of classes to work out which style is right for you.

As yoga involves soft movements a comfy Low Impact Sports Bra is all the support you need with Comfy Yoga PantsDuring savasana, you may wish to layer up with a Long Sleeve Bamboo Top.

Although classes can be expensive, studios often provide newcomer offers such as free first classes or a set price for a certain number of days to let you try all the different practices.

Price: from £10 to £20+ per class.

Location: Numerous. Search for classes on The British Yoga Wheel Website here: https://www.bwy.org.uk


If you are ever having a tough day, kickboxing is a great alternative to a gym workout as you can punch away your worries and release any stress or tension in your body with ease. 

As with many Mixed Martial Arts it works and tones your entire body; burning high calories, increasing muscular endurance, improving coordination and relieving stress.

A kickboxing session would usually last from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the gym. Including a mixture of punches, body kicks, cardio and core exercises

Kickboxing involves directional movement, therefore, you’ll need to wear a Supportive Sports Bra, Loose-Fitting Tank Top an High Waisted Leggings also, top tip a towel may come in handy.

Price: from £5-£10+ per class or £50-£60 monthly membership

Location: Numerous. Suggestions in London include: KOBOX, 1Rebel, Blok

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