Easy Everyday Eco Swaps To Try Now!

Here at Jilla HQ we are constantly looking at ways we can improve our sustainability and limit our damage to the natural environment both within the office and on an everyday basis.

As this is a subject we are all passionate about we were inspired to share our latest tips and tricks for swapping everyday single use items to useful and reusable items, not only will you cut down on waste, you will also find you will save yourself money in the long run!

Have a read below to see how you can make easy and simple everyday changes which will make a huge different to the environment.


Refill App – Download the ‘Refill’ app to find businesses local to you that will happily refill any water bottle you have handy. You’ll also earn points each time you refill which you can use to earn rewards.

Reusable Hot Drink Cups – Taking your own cup to Pret will save you 50p, whilst Starbucks, Costa and Paul will take 25p off your order. And Caffe Nero will give you double stamps on your loyalty card! One of our favourites is the Keep Cup.  

Reusable Water Bottles – Luckily, there are loads of reusable water bottles on the market! Jilla office favourites include the Swell Bottle, SIGG bottle, BKR, and Chilly’s.

Ecosia – Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Get the free browser extension and use Ecosia every time you search.


Trying reusable food covers and storage is a great way to cut down on kitchen waste, we like the pretty designs by Bees Wraps for wrapping up lunches and storing bread and cheeses.

By switching to green energy suppliers you can support the industry push towards cleaner energy, Bulb are a great green energy supplier, they will also pay your exit fees and you can also save yourself money by switching!

Offset your Flights – Next time you fly, try carbon offsetting, where you work out your emissions using an online carbon calculator and counterbalance your climate pollution by investing in a project elsewhere.

Microfibre Face Cloths such as the Face Halo – work to remove makeup using just water, saving you money, time, and the planet!

Useful links for more eco and sustainable shopping:

Buying in bulk can massively reduce packaging and Zero Waste Stores are now popping up around the country, here are some of the latest ones below:

  • Earth, Food, Love, Devon – newly opened zero waste store in Totnes, Devon
  • Bulk Market, London – had a pop up in Haggerston and currently crowdfunding to set up a permanent location within London
  • Jarfull, Harrogate – take any container you like to refill on dry goods and they also do delivery within the Harrogate area!
  • Wholefoods, London – 7 stores across London, have several sections where you can bulk buy pulses, beans and pasta
  • Charlotte’s Cupboard, Sussex – the Uk’s first packaging-free shop on wheels! The van sells at local markets within the Sussex area
  • Zero Green, Bristol – newly opened Zero waste store in Bristol
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