Guest Blog: Jeannie from Create Pilates explores movement and support

This month Jeannie Di Bon, Movement Therapist, Pilates Method Alliance, advises on Pain Management for Hypermobility/Elhers-Danlos Syndrome/Chronic Pain, author, blogger for Huffington Post and international speaker. She is also the owner of Create Pilates Studio in Wimbledon and is taking over the blog to talk movement and the importance of supporting your body. She has recently tested out the new Jilla range and was super impressed with the support our clothing provides that she wanted to share her thoughts with you all!

When it comes to movement, support comes in many different guises

 ‘We are often confronted with the concept of support. In the context of our emotions, our friendships, our underwear; it’s something we hear a lot about. However, it’s not something that we tend to associate with our fitness regime or work-out gear. Yet when it comes to exercise, support is fundamental.  

Ensuring that are bodies are properly supported during exercise, as well as in everyday life, is the key to unlocking healthy, beneficial movement. Whilst adverts from some major sports brands might lead you to think otherwise, pushing our bodies beyond their limits, or forcing them out of their comfort zones can cause all sorts of problems. Without an understanding of how your body works, how different limbs, muscles groups or tendons support others, or a knowledge of the basic principles of movement, your fitness routine may end up doing you more harm than good. 

Take, for example, your feet. This isn’t an area of the body which gets much attention (beyond the odd manicure) but it’s the most important place to start when it comes to fitness. Why are the feet so important? For a start, each foot has 33 joints. That’s the same number as the spine! And whilst we tend to put a lot of thought into our spinal health and back-care, how our feet are supposed to feel or move is often poorly understood. 

Understanding how our feet connect with the ground, how they support our weight, how our gait impacts our hips and knees, should be at the front of everyone’s mind when they move or exercise. Learning how to hold yourself, correcting your gait, building your muscles on the feet; these are all fundamental elements needed to ensure you can properly support your body.  

Additionally, ensuring that we don’t ignore niggles or pain is vital. Ignoring a ‘dodgy knee’, for instance, can lead to hip or ankle problems as your body looks to compensate for the issue and place the strain elsewhere. Each joint is linked to another, meaning none can go uncared for if we want to achieve full-body health and fitness. Paying attention to your body so you know when something isn’t right, then seeking the right kind of support or tailoring your workouts to suit your needs, is fundamental.

Support can even be found in the clothes you choose to work out in; whether it’s structured clothes that can support joints, or trainers build to your specifications. So making sure your outfit is helping your work-out rather than hindering it is something to be aware of. I have wearing Jilla’s Break of Dawn Bra in grey, Solid Balance Top in navy and Be in the Moment Leggings in midnight. I really love the support the seamless knitting provides, the leggings provide an amazing hugged in feeling!

But the most important thing when it comes to support and exercise is this; build up to it. Whether you’re training for a marathon, looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, or use exercise to manage a health condition, I cannot overstate the importance of pacing yourself. Each and every body is different. Building up your strength and teaching your body how to properly support itself comes with time. Learning how to be your own support system on your fitness journey will stand you in the best stead possible.’

Thank you very much to Jeannie and her words of wisdom this month! You can explore our new Spring/Summer range here

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