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Seamless Knitting

At Jilla we specialise in circular knitting using Italian Santoni knitting machines. We have chosen to use seamless knitting for all of our designs because the super stretchy fabric is really soft and comfortable next to the skin. We love this construction technique because we are able to integrate different knit structures to specific areas on the garment to provide breathability and extra support for different areas of the body.

Seamless is perfect for Jilla because we can achieve a whole new level of comfort, freedom of movement and flexibility. 

The drawing below illustrates the seamless production method! 

Our Yarns

In seamless knitting the yarn is the most important element. We take great care selecting the most functional materials to work with by testing the yarns to see if they are perfect for each style. We visit fabric fairs to source new and exciting yarns for our future seasons, we are currently looking at more sustainable options and recycled yarns. 

Bamboo Yarn

Our Bamboo yarn is grown in the South of China. To produce a yarn from the raw material, the bamboo plant is cut down and crushed mechanically before enzymes are added to breakdown the walls and extract the bamboo fibre. The carding machine then spins the fibre into a useable yarn for our Santoni circular knitting machines.

Polyamide Yarn

Modal Yarn

Supply Chain

There are many elements which go into producing our activewear, to do this we have sourced the best materials and components near to our factory. See the below map of where exactly we source our trims, yarns and packaging!


Quality Assurance

The skilled team at the factory work hard to ensure the Jilla pieces are made with great care and attention to detail. At every stage of the process the garments are checked for quality- after knitting the tube, once dyed, and during stitching and finishing. These multiple checks ensure that we are delivering high quality and durable activewear.